“These are the moments that I see everyday and I think to myself, “I wish I could just bottle that moment so I could hold onto it forever.” You have given that to me. That is extraordinary.”
-Paula Millin
Ericka is amazing. Beyond amazing. There actually are no words for her skill and her ability to make an entire crowd comfortable. I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am that she was there on our wedding day to capture all the big and fine details of the day.
–Jamie Shaw
“Ericka’s work is stunningly beautiful. She captures people in such an honest way, revealing something both incredibly personal about the subject, yet connecting universally with the viewer. Ericka is a delight to shoot with–she comes right alongside her subject and interacts with them in a personal and authentic way, putting everyone at ease and allowing the subjects to be themselves.”
–Rebekah Shipper
“Ericka met our family at a local park and walked around with us, taking pictures all along the way. Our children are very active, but she was able to capture some beautiful moments. Ericka was so good with our children; making them feel relaxed and comfortable around her. We were thrilled to see the finished product–we loved them all!! She is a brilliant photographer.”
-Heidi Hess
“I was immediately captivated by Ericka’s unique approach to photography when I came across it on social media. Her documentary style reaches the center of our human raw emotion like no other. Even though she hadn’t done any Yoga photography before, I knew we couldn’t go wrong by bringing her into a Yoga class to document an entire flow. From the beads of sweat on people’s faces to the grimace of holding a challenging pose to the blissed out feeling of savasana, she captured it all. Not only was her artistic eye right on, but she was professional, punctual and pleasant to work with. I look forward to using her again in the future not only for yoga, but also for my own family.”
-Kate Frichtl
“We had Ericka capture our special family moments as we made pizza together as a family. Normally, I’m like “smile” and everyone say “cheese” and I take a picture. So, I’m not in the picture and the actual pizza-making moment is never captured. Luckily, Ericka changed all that for us!! She has such an artistic eye that just amazes me! She captured the real joy that we had cooking together as a family! We are happy to have those pictures now hanging in our house!”
-Barbie Arnold
“I would highly recommend Ericka’s photography services. She has an exceptional eye for detail, capturing emotion, atmosphere, and memories as appropriate to really convey a message through her photography. I have used her amazing talent to capture the annual gathering of the Soul Publishing Group. The imagery Ericka artistically, intuitively, and expertly creates are evocative; matching closely with the vision of those who request her services. Whether you need a photographer to capture life’s milestones, to document events, or to create unique imagery for your business or home, the images crafted by Ericka are sure to impress.”
-Kristie Pretti-Frontczak
“I have always wanted family photos, but, frankly the idea of selecting a location and then getting everyone ready and posed and smiling makes me cringe. We recently had Ericka come to our house while we hung out. We could just be ourselves and go about our day while she quietly snapped photos. It was natural and easy and fun…and we were left with beautiful shots of simple, honest and tender moments together.”
-Krista Emerson
“Ericka so beautifully captured the essence of our family in so many shots; all while we were just having fun doing the things we love together in the comfort of home on our little farm. And through the inevitable sibling squabbles, toddler tantrums and goofing off, she just rolled with it and stuck with us!”
-Tara Steiner
“Ericka recently took photos of our family after I saw her work on a friend’s Facebook page. I was instantly attracted to her approach and perspective. When I reviewed the photos she had taken of other families, I felt like I knew them without ever meeting them! Ericka is very talented and non-intrusive. She is somehow able to capture the essence of her subjects through the moments she captures. Our family is not good about remembering to take photos, but I will be sure to remember to contact Ericka on a regular basis to help us change that!”
-Danni Schantz