For the past couple years, we’ve all put a lot of things on hold for a lot of different reasons. I want to work with you by offering this 2022 discount. I am offering 20% off any length session for families that have not had any professional pictures taken (by any photographer) in a little while. I totally get why you would put off a photo session (COVID, inflation, busyness, lack of buy-in from kids or your partner, too much work to organize, etc…). And those are all very valid reasons. I’ve put off taking photos for some of those same reasons myself. But, here’s why you want to act now. 

  1. You get a substantial discount AND you don’t have to pay full price for a session (see below). 
  2. My sessions are extremely laid back, simple and fun. I personally don’t believe you need Pinterest perfect images on your walls. But, it’s great to have pictures that remind you of your favorite people (and pets!). It’s also great to have pictures that remind you of what’s most important to you. Who cares if not everyone is looking at the camera at the exact same time. Let’s just try and capture your people (however your define “family”) being together in a way that sounds fun to you. And, I’m not going to make you do really complicated poses…unless you want too! 
  3. You can pick the location (anywhere within 1 hr drive of Wooster) and pick the time that best suits your needs. 

How does all that sound? Good? Awesome! You can make the deposit below and then email me to set up your session! 


30 minutes: $300 (Your price: $240)

1 hour: $350 (2022 price: $280)

2 hours: $400 (2022 price: $320)


A non-refundable deposit is required for ALL sessions and needs to be paid in order to reserve a session date.